1. Believe it or not, the NY Times used to be OK. It was biased, sure, but they rarely told outright hoaxes. Now? Who even knows what's real.

  2. . would you be so kind as to have some decent customer service and find the bag of mine you lost? I have towns to make.

  3. Black men and women are getting shot everyday and you make a mockery of police brutality to propose? Really? I'm sick.

  4. Existe alguém pra namorar cmg ? To procurando faz 16 anos 😪😪

  5. Think these guys want it? is going to extra time on FOX, Unimas, TSN and RDS.

  6. Remember in The Wire when Cutty tries to go back to being a gangster but it's not in him anymore? That seems like Mein here tonight.

  7. .: do you know what to do with ISIS? : yes, you kill them

  8. 10 congressional committees and close to $8 million dollars was used to investigate Benghazi. , what will you do about ?